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Custom Index Tabs

Index and Divider Tabs Printing

Custom Index and Divider Tabs Printing

Index Tabs are a great addition to your binder project. There are many ways to utilize this fantastic organizational tool to finish off with style. Call us to discuss your options, there are too many to list and some we may come up with together! Always remember we are here to help make your project fit your needs. There are many choices to be made when ordering a set of index tabs. Paper, Mylar colors, overall sizes, tab extension and width. From there on, it's up to your imagination!


We typeset your tabs or accept electronic files for your convenience. We offer a wide variety of File-back / Medical Chart Divider tabs, designed to your specifications. We also offer A thru Z and other Alpha Tab Dividers, Numbered Index Tab Dividers, Blank Index Tab Dividers - Letter, Legal, A4 and Tabloid. These tabs are popular in the medical, financial and legal industries. We also have ALL the odd cut sizes. Index Tabs add a professional finish to binder contents.  The indexes make it easy for readers to quickly page to a particular section.  Mylar coating on the tabs help protect them from wear and make them rigid for easy flipping.