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Catalog-PrintingPrinting Catalogs and Booklets

Catalogs and Booklets help you provide more details about your product with pictures and images. Printing in more than one color can enhance the readibility and ease of finding information.    

The following binding methods are generally used in catalog and booklet printing depending on the size, thickness and your preference:

· Saddle-stitch: A saddle-stitched catalog printing project is folded in half and has at least 2 staples in it. Generally lower page count catalog printing projects will be saddle-stitched.  

· Perfect Binding: When your catalog printing page count gets higher than 60 pages it’s time to consider perfect binding. A perfect bound catalog printing project has a square spine and the pages are glued to the spine. 

· Wire binding: This form of binding is great for any page count catalog printing. It is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. The finished catalog will open up and lay flat and the wire binding is very durable. 

· Plastic comb: Plastic comb binding is one of the popular forms of binding. Plastic combs are durable and can be re-used and available in various sizes and colors. 

· Tape Binding: We offer offline tape binding. This is more popular for small quantities. Tape binding is available in several colors and sizes. 

There is also an option of Loose-leaf catalogs that allow easy switching and addition of sections within a catalog.  Often, sections of the catalog are separated by a divider tab for easy searching.  It is easy to offer an updated price section every quarter with these catalogs. 

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